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e-Solex & Velosolex

Ref.: Lil'Buddy

Back to the 1970’s !
Nouveau retour dans le passé aux Belles Echappées avec l’arrivée du Lil’Buddy! Born to be wild & fun ! Enfourchez cette version électrique des populaires minibikes des années 70 au look complètement fou et coloré !

Special Price: 26.00 € Regular Price: 26.00 €

Electrical, green friendly, soundless : the return of a legend!!

With 8 millions of engines sold from 1946 to 1988, the "Solex" has been a very impacting vehicle for severeal generations and comes back nowadays in an electric version.

Admire its new profile designed by Pininfarina, a complete electrical motor, shrouded front forks and disc brakes... Everything renovated for the best user comfort. 
Light and easy to handle, our e-Solex will take you silently at 35 km/h to close to nature rides. 

Minimum Age and Conditions : 14 Years Old with a BSR. (Official driving license for small motorcycles obtained in a Driving School) AND being accompanied by an adult.

If you don't complete these conditions, Electrical Bikes (Velosolex) are available. 

Deposite : 500 €