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What is included in the 2CV rental price?

Before touring with your vehicle, we will give you all the required information: driving overlook and safety, recommended routes,… You will be given the choice of a selection of beautiful scenic itineraries that Les Belles Echappées has especially created for you.

During your lease, you will be benefit of a complete insurance, technical assistance, unlimited km and cleaning is included. You will just have to purchase fuel just prior to returning  the car with a full tank of gas.

What is the technical condition of your cars?

Les Belles Echappées manage a float of 2CV6 (a latter modern version that can be used on the highway and a rather modern gearbox) beautifully restored and in perfect technical condition.

Clean and polished before departure, your 2CV will be given to you after a driving and safety handover.

How many people fit in a 2CV?

4 persons including children fit and are allowed in a 2CV.

Can you open the rooftop of your 2CV?

Yes, all of our 2CVs have a soft top which can be rolled back.

Can I choose a 2CV of a specific color?

We will do our best to rent you the 2CV of your choice.

Can you deliver the 2CV?

It is possible to deliver our cars at a specific location for an extra price trough a car transportation company. If you are interested in this service, we can send a free quotation.

Is it hard to drive a 2CV?

In the beginning at least, you will have to be careful about the gearlever but after a while you will get used to it and will enjoy it very much! The driving handover we will give you is for everybody to be able to take the wheel of a 2CV.

What is in the leasing contract?

Leasing contract must be signed before departing. This document will stated rental condition and terms such as minimum  requirement to rent, deposit,… In addition, we will together make a visual assessment of your car.

Who is allowed to rent a 2CV at Les Belles Echappées?

Anybody that has had a valid driver's license for more than 2 years or over 25.

Who will be responsible in case of an accident?

The person that signed the lease will be held responsible of any traffic violation or if the car is damaged.

What kind of insurance do you have for your cars?

All our 2CVs have an all risk insurance which has been especially designed for rental purpose (including driver and passengers). A 850€ deductible (1250€ for the vw combi) will apply on any  liable accident ; in case of an accident occured by a third party, you will of course have no charge.

Can I visit Les Belles Echappées?

You are more than welcome to visit us during business hours or on prior appointment.


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